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About ATIC

Photo: China 2.0 Trade Mission 2011


The Australian Technology & Investment Committee (ATIC) incorporated in New South Wales establishes business projects and trade opportunities. The Committee Board consists of members from government, technology and investment corporations, with more than 3000 technology and investment companies in its network world-wide.


With key committee members in Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Japan and a global network, the Australian Technology and Investment Committee (ATIC) acts as a platform bringing together a wealth of experience and broad network in technology and investment.

In November 2010, under the umbrella of ATIC, we have secured 2 million US dollars funding from Japan and exported 20,000 computers from Shenzhen. In 2011, we were raising capital of 20 million US dollars and export 200,000 computers from China, with the import of a $10 million computer examination system into China.

In 2011, ATIC opened offices in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with dedicated expertise in facilitating investment and technological development opportunities.

In 2012, in the presence of HE Ms Frances Adamson, Australian Ambassador in China, ATIC launched The Australia Week in 15 Universities in 4 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The Australia Week will present a wide range of products and service from Australia to half million of Chinese students.

Since 2015, Australian Technology & Investment Committee (ATIC) has set up 4 Australia-China Technology Parks (ACTP) in China:

1) ACTP Guangzhou (for the market in southern China)
2) ACTP Qinhuangdao near Beijing (for the market in northern China)

Two more are on the way:

3) ACTP Chongqing (for the market in western China)
4) ACTP near Shanghai (for the market in eastern China)

ACTP is offering the following for Australian technology project teams, start-ups, universities, institutes and more:

1) Rent free offices and living space
2) Business matching, investment funds, legal services, sales and marketing

It is an all-in-one park including incubator, accelerator and landing pad with strong local manufactures support.


As an organization specialized in technology and investment, ATIC is working with governments to organize the cooperation between companies, social organizations and government departments from both Australia, China and the rest of the world.

Promotion of ATIC in technology trade shows including China Hi-Tech Fair, ICT Expo HK and Computex Taipei.

ATIC aims to:

  • Facilitate commercialization for R&D projects;
  • Oversee the implementation of projects;
  • Support access to potential markets;
  • Form partnerships and create business opportunities.

Photo: Jeff Li (President of ATIC), Barry O'Farrel (NSW Premier) and Xu Qin (ShenZhen Mayor) in VIP meeting

Photo: Scott Morrison (Australian Prime Minister) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Malcolm Turnbull (Former Australian Prime Minister) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Tony Abbott (Former Australian Prime Minister) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Julie Bishop (Former Australian Foreign Minister) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Kevin Rudd (Former Australian Prime Minister) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: John Howard (Former Australian Prime Minister) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Gladys Berejiklian (NSW Premier) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Frances Adamson (Former Australian Ambassador in China) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Hu Chun Hua (Chinese Deputy Premier) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Zhu Xiao Dan (Former Governor of Guangdong Province) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

Photo: Gu Xiao Jie (Chinese Consulate General in Sydney) & Jeff Li (President of ATIC)

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